Our teams of researchers, analysts and information specialists – together with a unique network of experts in the field, enable us to continuously deliver high-quality data and information for each report. Researched lists and nominations are collated, verified and then undergo peer group verification, thereby ensuring a highly accurate source of information. The list is then reviewed by the esteemed panel of Judges prior to the final award winners being announced.

Participation as a Judge is based on a number of criteria. Our panel of Judges are selected in three main ways.

  1. Those Judges invited to join the panel are primarily people who, either through position or personality exercise significant power within their sector.
  2. Those companies who are sponsoring the project can nominate a Judge for consideration.
  3. Judges may be nominated, or may nominate themselves, using our online Judges contact form.

Judges need to commit sufficient time to undertake the judging process.  The process is designed to ensure an efficient but minimal use of their time and as such the judging process is fully automated enabling each judge to view all the shortlisted nominations.  Each judge can then review, make notes and score each finalist from 1 to 5.

To nominate someone to join the panel of Judges, please fill in the form below.